We designed from scratch a Mobile App, a cloud smart automation system that allows collecting data from sensors. This platform is suitable for enterprise as well as home automation enthusiasts.
Design System
the story behind the task


Zentser is USA based startup. It’s a Smart Home Solution that simplifies your everyday life by providing you with actionable insights and real-time notifications about the environment and rapidly alerts you to course-correct for ultimate comfort.


the product was from scratch and on early-stage, it required deep researches and close cooperation with DevOps Team. The design challenge was to transfer the main idea of the product: let users better understand the conditions they live in and how to configure the best setup for comfort.

project primary points

Temy’s role

We've developed a smart home app that notifies you of your environment and immediately alerts you to adjust your course for maximum comfort.

Main features:
- Monitor environmental data (temp, humidity, air quality, or brightness)
- Graph your sensor readings
- Gather historical data (Review of extreme lows and highs, trends, and causalities)  
- Get real-time notifications (excessive heat, shivering cold, dampness, dryness, insufficient light, exposure, etc)

Design that matches your expectations. 

Mobile Application
Main screens
Mobile Application
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Mobile Application
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